Welcome to the web pages of the Liberal Jewish Community in Göttingen

Here you will find information and pictures for our current religious, social, cultural and political life, history of the community, its buildings and its cemetery. We regularly report on important events, holiday celebrations and our interreligious and intercultural contacts. In the archive you can find a publications and reports from the media on various topics, among others on the history of Jewish life in Göttingen.

The Corona Pandemic has drastically changed our community life and given us new challenges. We have had to change quickly to digital communications. Presently, our rabbis and our chazzan (Cantor) offer online religious services and Shiurim (lessons). Weather permitting, we are sometimes able to hold religious services and meetings in our beautiful garden.

Current events and Drashot (sermons) from our rabbis are given on this page. Older documents are kept in the archive →here.


Thursday, September 7, 2023 -- Deutschland

 Die Sieger des diesjährigen Ehrenamtspreises für jüdisches Leben in Deutschland stehen fest

by dem Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für jüdisches Leben in Deutschland und den Kampf gegen Antisemitismus

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Friday, December 22, 2023 to Friday, December 29, 2023

 Wintermachane 2023

by Netzer Germany e.V.


Bericht über die Sommermechane zum Download